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Anonymous buyers pay $19.5 million for Miami Beach mansion

4395 Pine Tree Drive

4395 Pine Tree Drive, with interiors by Artefacto

The eight bedroom, eight bathroom, 11,500 square foot spec mansion at 4395 Pine Tree Drive recently sold for $19.48 million.  Apparently the new owners wanted to remain anonymous and title is being held by Pine Tree Irrevocable Trust. 

How can you purchase real estate and keep your identity private?  This can be accomplished by setting up a trust or a shell company.  As a matter of fact many buyers of South Florida real estate set up trusts or shell companies to keep their identities private.  This is especially true for celebrities and athletes who often have vacation homes in South Florida.

For more information on how to setup a trust or shell company – please contact us and one of our attorneys assist you and determine if a trust or shell company is right for you.

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